>> Style News: Dear Brands Of The World - I Don't Want No Mom Jeans! 👖And I'm Tall.

Jeans - casual every day outfit ideally mid rise or low cut. Why do the brands of the world not produce good quality jeans anymore? And I don't even like/need branded jeans. As long as they fit and the quality is a-ok, I take them. But I want no ripped/destroyed/distressed jeans when I buy a brand new pair, I want no high waisted jeans and I especially want no MOM JEANS! But this is all you see and can get now.. I have had this problem before the lockdown and the situation has not improved. The opposite is the case. They seem to not make jeans for tall people anymore either. I am 5'9". Do I really need to take a sewing class and make my own pants now? I hope not. :)

A typical case of the mom jeans

who is buying this?


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