>> Life Update: Summer And Frappuccinos In London 🌴 The Sun Is Out And So Is Boris! 🇬🇧

Work hard so you can achieve as much as this goat and get your own statue. 🐐

Hello everybody! I think it is time to give you an update on my ever so exciting life! Well I work, I see London, I eat international food and listen to lawyer podcasts on youtube. Rest assured, that besides that I have absolutely nothing going on. :) After the last 2 years I think every little thing we are able to do is a lot and even though I am now back in this hectic city, I like to enjoy the small moments in between the chaos.

In nature for example! Turns out London has quite a lot of palmtrees. They are my favorite. 🌴🌴🌴 When I see one, I can never quite tell if I am in London or actually on vacation in Spain! I remember when I went to Spain when I was 16. The beach, the humidity! But in London we have a heatwave now too. I also like them a lot because in Germany we don't have them. At least not in my hood. 😎

Editor-in-Chief reporting on the scene

What else, quick review of the new (?) passion fruit and raspberry Frappuccino at Starbucks: It is ok, fruity and a bit refreshing BUT during the lockdown I have learned how to make a passion fruit crème brûlée out of real fruits (it is soooo good) and this just can not compare. The taste is just too artificial in comparison. This is why the Java Chip Frappuccino is still undefeated in my personal opinion. Try it for yourself, I am open to your feedback! Let's talk about it. It is a crucial matter.

The day when Boris Johnson resigned I was so busy that I did not get the news until I was on my way home and saw the headline on the daily newspaper. I was surprised for a moment and went on with my day. Also, apologies for the slightly blurry photos. My cell phone camera had a little accident and I have not replaced my phone in years. I use mine for podcasts, music and to stay in touch with home. And that's it. I'm blissfully unaware of what is trending rn and honestly I could not care less. 

I have met many great people lately. At work and otherwise. And not only did LinkedIn tell me but I can see it on a daily basis during my morning commute: People are returning to the office. As an Office Manager I welcome this development. Also, before you move to a new place, don't get too excited if it is close to an airport. I speak from experience. 😁 They say at some point you get used to it and don't even hear it anymore. Waiting to get to that point. ✈️✈️✈️


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