>> Useful app - Today Tix: The Best London Musicals and Theatre Plays For A Good Price!

Hello dear readers! A great way to spend your weekend, when you live in a city like London, is seeing 
a theatre play or musical! It is something a lot of tourists come here to do, so why not make use of this possibility if you actually live here. :) 

I have known about this app TodayTIX since a few years, 
but only now when a friend of mine reminded me of it, did I finally use it. I got to see Amy Adams (who was nominated for an Oscar 6 times already - who knew) in 'The Glass Menagerie'.
The next one, was 'The Mousetrap' a play in the style of the movie 'Knives Out.' You follow along and have to guess who did what and why. When almost everyone has a motive. A murder mystery.. but the play is running for much longer, a total of 70 years. 'Longest running play in the world' it says.

After that, the biggest production I have seen so far 
'Beauty and the Beast'. So much singing and dancing with all of the original Disney songs of course! Reminded me of my childhood.

And finally 'Sister Act' with talented singer Beverley Knight in the leading role. 
Some great music and solo performances included. 
This show was running for a limited time only but I think they bring it back frequently.

I must say after all, I was probably most excited to see 
Amy Adams live on stage. Just because I know her as Giselle from 'Enchanted' and several other movies. 
Also the seats were relatively close to the stage. It was very artistic and exactly what I imagined a theatre play to be.

We recommend this app and London theatre. 


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