>> Because The World Seems To Have Forgotten About Love - Here Is A Reminder: Love At First Sight 💜

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First of all, Happy New Year to you! 🎉 It has been a while since we have seen a new, good romantic movie. It has been a while since we have seen a good new movie in general. 😌 There seem to be few and far in between these days. So we were pleasantly surprised when we found 'Love At First Sight' on Netflix! This film is a refreshingly well made and insightful movie full of heart. We would say statistically 90% of people miss the opportunity of love at first sight, because they are constantly glued to their phones and hardly ever look up. If they do, they don't bother or care to start a conversation. But this is just an estimate. 🙂 Considering life in a big and hectic city. Not so for Hadley and Oliver. Thankfully! Not only do they notice each other, they actually even start a conversation and show interest in one another! Almost unheard of these days, we know. This film is unexpected in many ways. From the ever so funny narrator played by Jameela Jamil, who is doing an excellent job guiding us through the movie, to the touching and melancholic soundtrack. We used Shazam, to track these songs down, but there is probably a list of them somewhere online too. Also, we have been around long enough to not miss Ben Hardy's striking Heath Ledger resemblance. It might not be on purpose but it is undeniable. 

Hadley and Oliver on a plane together 

The story: Hadley is an American girl, on the way to take a flight to London to attend her Dad's wedding. Oliver, a British guy is also on the way to London but for other reasons. They meet at the airport for the first time, talk to each other, eat together and coincidentally end up sitting next to each other on the plane. To find out more from this point on out, you have to watch it! Both leading actors are doing an amazing job. We do however have one advice for Hadley, when you arrive at Stansted airport, take the Stansted Express from there to the center of the city. Or if you arrive at Heathrow, take the Piccadilly line (subway). Way faster than going there by cab. Especially on a busy day and under time pressure. You are welcome! 🚄 We just had to insert some London knowledge here.. 😎 So if you are looking for a few uplifting, a few sad and a few funny moments to add to your day or just a great recommendation for the next movie night, this movie has all of it. We have seen it several times already and all we can say is: Check it out! And thank you to the writer of the book the movie is based on and the producers for this gem of a new film. We love seeing talented actors on screen and a movie couple that has actual chemistry!! ✨ Danke schön! 💕 Conclusion: Today's world needs more caring and love like this. Less technology and ignorance. 🙏🏽 🌎

Images via Netflix


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