>> TIMELEFT App: One Dinner With Five Strangers At A Top Restaurant In Your City!

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You know by now, on this blog we are bringing you positivity and inspiration. And today we are adding a culinary adventure to the mix! 'No DM’s, no swiping, no pretences, just authentic human connection.' There is an app for that! Introducing:  TIMELEFT. The application to book your seat on a dinner table with 5 strangers at a top restaurant in your city. 
Every Wednesday
An experience commemorating the return of Human Connection

Imagine living in a big and hectic city. Because of the fast paced life, you do not have as many friends as you would like to have. You are not alone. 
Many people feel the same way and are in the exact same situation. To help tackle this issue TIMELEFT was created. The French app that is bringing together a group of strangers for one night at a highly rated restaurant.

How it works: You sign up. You answer several questions about yourself, your likes and dislikes and overall personal preferences. The algorithm is matching you up with an interesting mix of people of different nationalities and life paths, you share some similarities with, in your city. For a fee of £12.99 you book your seat at the table.

Next step: As the dinner day approaches, on Tuesday evening to be exact, you will find out more about your group on the app. 

What industry are they in, what are the different nationalities, what are the zodiac signs of your group members? And lastly, Wednesday morning brings the revelation of the meticulously vetted restaurant where your dinner will take place. 🍲🍡🍱🍢🌮🍧🍜🍤🍶

If you join now you are still early. In the UK for example, TIMELEFT only started operating in January 2024. About eight weeks ago. Available in 30+ cities worldwide at this point, chances are you can take part too! France, Germany, USA, Brazil, Portugal and Spain are just some of the participating countries. An even more significant expansion is presently underway.

As you know this blog is authentic and I would not write about it if I would not have tried it out first! I have had some interesting experiences and conversations with other dinner guests who shared moving and funny but also somber and thoughtful life stories. We spoke and ate for several hours. We enjoyed our time. Even though, we might be different, we all share in our humanity. 

I have been waiting for it. In a world ruled by social media and shallow connections, this app wants you to go deeper, become a bit realer. It is up to you if you want to participate. It is at your own risk. You never know how the night will turn out and who you are going to meet. But isn't this part of the excitement? Isn't this also a great chance? Thank you for stopping by.

Timeleft game with questions to break the ice. Answer: I bought a mango last week. First time ever.


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