>> Interesting Read 📚 I Bought A Book About The Things That Nobody Knows..

Hello again dear readers of my Blog!

I know it has been a while since we recommended a book via the IBTN Book Club. The other day I found this book in a section of the local post office. Someone left it on top of the shelf for me to find. When I saw the title, I was interested immediately! Normally, books are filled with wisdom and information so that we can learn, grow and have our questions answered. Not this one. With this book, you can educate yourself on all things that remain unclear, as it covers over 500 topics that humanity has STILL not figured out!

To be precise 501 mysteries of life, the universe and everything. I had to buy it. It is interesting to me! From A like Aardvarks to Y like Yeti.. so many things that are still a mystery until this day. I am currently reading it - lots of things to think about. 
And yet, there is at least one thing that has never been unclear, even before purchasing this book: I am, I always have been and I always will be a geek. And that's absolutely fine with me.🤓 PS. As you can see on the cover even Einstein is baffled by all of this..


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