>> 🎭 London Theatre: Two Strangers Carry A Cake Across New York! 🍰 🗽

Hello to all of you creative and London theatre-interested readers!

We have just seen a young, fresh and new musical! About a British guy who is traveling to NYC for the first time ever! Which explains his excitement and curiosity about this journey. After I did some research I found out that Two Strangers is a British musical by Jim Barne and Kit Buchan. The play was first produced in 2019 in Ipswich and Northampton. A new production opened at Kiln Theatre in 2023, already starring the current cast: Dujonna Gift and Sam Tutty. 

In April 2024 - just about 4 weeks ago, it transferred to the Criterion Theatre in the West End.

Under its original title The Season, the show received a Stage Debut Award for Best Composer, Lyricist or Book Writer as well as the Stiles & Drewe Mentorship prize.

It was truly impressive! From the super versatile stage, which was round and served as a conveyor belt for bags while often spinning, to the suitcases with their myriad functions across various scenes. They even light up!

The show felt incredibly refreshing, firmly grounded in current times. Remarkably, only two actors carried the entire production. Both were immensely talented. Dujonna Gift seemingly effortlessly moved the show forward with a cool attitude and flawlessly executed the materialSam Tutty embodies his role with remarkable naiveté and innocence, delivering a performance that feels both natural yet somehow polished too. The range of emotions he portrays confirms his status as an Olivier Award-winning newcomer, we can expect a lot from in the future.

We recommend this play to everyone who wants to be moved, laugh, feel and go on a little trip to NYC if only for a night. If you can, try to get a seat in the first 3 rows (towards the left side) If you're seated in that area, you won't miss out on anything and at some point, there might even be snow falling down on you, which also makes it an immersive experience. All of this on one special night in central London! Book your tickets now to add some joy to your life.✨


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