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Slavik is from Ukraine. He is doing his thing in LA, 
like I did my thing in NYC. But I can't dance. 🙂




Big hit in Germany back in the day.
I so love it when guys sing.. one of the best ones to ever do it - right here: Miguel live!!
When you go to the studio and you are super nervous.. 
and you tell yourself:
'Are you gonna f*cking do it now - or what?' 😊
Mia and Sebastian.
NYC memories.
my heroes.

London life. 
Joni Rewind feat. Estelle - 'Pure love is when I sing' 

This is such an insightful and thought provoking analysis of this years Oscars shock moment.
The pursuit of fame and the things you have to do for it (on social media and otherwise) 
but also holding on to your (Christian) values does NOT go together. They exclude each other. 
It is a contradiction.
Trying to combine the two is impossible and people who try, crack under pressure sooner or later.
Who (in the social media/entertainment world) is deciding what is right or wrong anymore anyway? 
The perception of what is good and bad in the digital world is skewed. 
The more extreme = the more attention and clicks.
We always said, keep your personal life private. Looks like that was the right choice all along. 🤔

"When we feel powerless, art is the only way to make things happen. 

By putting our hopes into art, certain realities can come true."
- Nina Miranda, I-D Magazine

Walking into 2022 like.. Can you believe, that was actually 10 years ago?! 😱

This is #UK music - a genre called #Garage - check it!!


Remy Ma - Freestyle from jail

Damn this guy is talented.. super underrated. So underrated I almost forgot.

Ivonne/Eminem Collabo from Ivonne Worldwide on Vimeo.

I wrote and recorded this chorus in London in 2016. Eminem collabo waiting to happen! 

Kida, Bailey and friends - dancing for your motivation! :)

I don't care when I'm with my Baby yeah..

Meet me at Karaoke like..

I came across this song while living in Toronto. It's good!

Jessie Reyez doing the US anthem on the CN tower, 
literally right next to the office I used to work at. 
Thinking about the US during these messy times.

Kida 💚
When you live for music - and you know it. ❤️

timeless classic!!



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