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Remy Ma - Freestyle from jail

Damn this guy is talented.. super underrated. So underrated I almost forgot.

Ivonne/Eminem Collabo from Ivonne Worldwide on Vimeo.

I wrote and recorded this chorus in London in 2016. Eminem collabo waiting to happen! 

If you're for real and not pretend - then I guess you can hang with me

Kida, Bailey and friends - dancing for your motivation! :)

I don't care when I'm with my Baby yeah..

Meet me at Karaoke like..

I came across this song while living in Toronto. It's good!

Jessie Reyez doing the US anthem on the CN tower, 
literally right next to the office I used to work at. 
Thinking about the US during these messy times.

Kida 💚
When you live for music - and you know it. ❤️

timeless classic!!