> Photos: A Night At The Museum Of Natural History

NHM, London 'Science Uncovered' 

The Natural History Museum to be exact. It does not just sound exciting as a movie title - it really IS exciting in real life! A night at the museum. Last Friday, at the special event Science Uncovered, you were invited to 'chat to the museum scientists about their work, share a drink with them at the science bar or join them for a behind-the-scenes tour.'

 The Natural History Museum at night

What we like about events like this, and museums in London in general, is that the entry is FREE. So there is no reason for anybody not to go. And many science interested visitors took the opportunity, to gather in the historical building at after hours. We took some photos for you, in case you have missed it!

peacock behind glass 

 the building at night was a sight itself

 we have a thing for butterflies :)

 dinosaur skeleton in stone

dinosaur foot in comparison to my hand 

 These 2 were hanging out at the shop

speaking of the shop.. do you need a new vacuum cleaner?!

(all photos © IBreakTheNews.com)


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Out & About In London

@Victoria's Secret Store - New Bond Street

(photos © IBreakTheNews.com)


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