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"In times of information overkill, 
I filter out what is interesting and useful. I want to give readers something real, something to do and something to think about. Essentially, I strive to organize today's media chaos." 

This Blog was founded by me in 2012 in London, UK. I wanted to create a platform to express myself and to share interesting News, thought-provoking creative projects I found and my own experiences. So far, so good.

What do you mean Sebastian & Mia are not going to end up together?! 
I want a refund!!!

I am an Office Manager in Media and Technology, the Editor-in-Chief and content creator/curator at IBreakTheNews.com, as well as a singer/songwriter and creative mind. 

I was born in East Germany and grew up there as well. Because of very limited options for my future there, I have moved away from my small home town relatively early.

With previous placements at NBC Universal in Berlin and Interscope Records in NYC 
I was already able to gain valuable, practical experience in the media field. With this independent website I am aiming at a diverse, multi-cultural and interested readership.
The concept, is to cover news, useful inventions and interesting items & stories. There will be News articles, personal stories and experiences, comments on the latest developments worldwide, travel adventures and events. We will also introduce talented people to you, we come across online. There is so much for you to discover on IBreakTheNews.com.

I used to live in the US, the UK and Canada. Not only do I like to travel, I also like to discover different cultures and learn about the way other people live. 

Since very recently, I am now also a career adviser, so if you would like to change jobs and need some support, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help! : )

Memories: NYC Life.

 In Toronto, Canada ca. 2018

That is obviously me in my NYC apartment.
There are currently 13000 empty NYC apartments!! 
Oh the irony of that. LINK

In London with sparkling earrings.

Office Manager in Toronto next to CN Tower

 Same office. With office dog Leila.

Lunch break - working for Porsche in Toronto

Once I went to Mexico and drank out of a coconut on the beach.