>> Shelter Dog Rescue: IKEA Came Up With A Brilliant Idea

IKEA just came up with a brilliant idea that we absolutely love! What first started out as a partnership between Home For Hope and IKEA Singapore, has now reached the stores of the Swedish furniture brand in Arizona, USA. Life-sized cardboard cut-outs of shelter dogs are being placed in your potential new kitchen or bedroom. While you are strolling through the showroom, browsing bookshelves and shower curtains, you might realize your home, your family and your couch is not complete without a loyal companion.

Each cardboard photo, comes with a code that customers can scan for information about the dog on display. This initiative, is drawing attention to an important issue. Too many dogs are sitting in shelters, locked away from a free life. We hope other countries and popular brands will join this important cause and inspire people to give a loving home to a dog in need. So far, all 6 of the featured dogs in store, have found new homes. For more information please visit HomeForHope.sg.

(photos via YouTube/Home For Hope)

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