> Wow: Futuristic Designs For Your Household

Cloud Couch Concept 
by David Koo and Zheng Yawei

Today, we have got some highly futuristic product designs for you. Whoa, we are so ahead of our time. :) Taking a nap on the cloud above looks dreamy! So how does it work? The magnetic power of the base will levitate the fluffy upper cushion and keep you floating, if everything works out. We would really like to know, what the weight limit is and if 2 people can sit on there together.

Toyo Isola S Kitchen Island by Toyo Kitchen

If you do not recognize the purpose of this ying and yang design, we can clear it up for you. This, is an electric cooker including sink and an area to cut the food. Once you have prepared your meal, you can sit down at the big round family dining table below. It glows in blue and can also be closed, to save space. Interested? Go to Hongkiat.com for more futuristic and useful inventions.

Kure Family Dining Table by Faith Can Sarioz 

(images via Hongkiat.com


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