>> Aww: Adorable Shots of Puppies Under Water

Hello readers! It is a brand new week.. If you would not already know us as the innovative and surprising blog - we would surely be known as: The Daily Puppy! Why? Because we have a big, soft spot in our hearts for everything furry. It is something, award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, can probably relate to. He started his career, by taking professional photos of shelter dogs. Thanks to him, many of them have found new homes.

His career has progressed further and his latest project, is the book 'Underwater Puppies' which contains amazing photographs of dog babies during their first swim and often very first experience with (under) water. You may have heard of Seth before, because the best-selling book 'Underwater Dogs' was his creation as well. Click here to see more of his work, or show him some love on instagram.

(all photos © Seth Casteel)


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