> Sound News: Excitement - A New Björk Album Is In The Making!

We are big Björk fans ever since.. FOREVER! To find out, that the Icelandic alternative artist-singer-songwriter is currently working on new material, is a silver line on the horizon to us! These days we can not help it - we are starving for some GOOD music. Just because it became so rare to find something, that really inspires or moves you. 

Björk has wowed us in the past with memorable creations like 'Human Behaviour', 'Big Time Sensuality' or 'Hyperballad'. We have no doubt that we will be stunned once more by her super creative output! She may not be on top of the charts at all times but she is a TRUE ARTIST. Her new album 'Vulnicura' will be bestowed upon us in March! We just have to check it out!

Update: Due to an early leak the album is out now! Much sooner than expected.

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