>> Easter Trip To Germany - Traveling By Train, Home Made Hamburgers And A Lot Of Snow!

Traveling through Germany by train

Time to take a break from the stressful London life and reunite with my family! That was what I thought, when I booked the Easter trip to my home-country Germany. First of all, thank you airline (which I don't want to name here) for putting me in the first row of the plane when I chose a randomly allocated seat - this was a premiere! :) I never felt closer to the captain, whose shoulder I briefly saw since he was only like 2.5 meters away from me, approximately.. Also, the steward and stewardess are facing you because they are seated ca. 1 meter across during the start and landing.. I got so familiar with them and their procedures I thought it was my shift. :/

Self-made burger (all fresh ingredients)

Pewter figure behind glass

The Easter bunny and me

Once I landed in Germany I made my way to my hometown by train. I saw a camel on a parking lot because the Circus is in town - it was staring right at me. I never see things like this in London. My nephew Fynn brought a cookbook from school so we created some self-made hamburgers. They were really delicious! On the 1st of April the weather was so moody. One hour the sun was shining, the next hour we had a snow storm. That 'Zinnfigur' was on display behind glass at the train station and a loan from the local museum. Train trips are pretty popular in Germany and you can even see a few castles, depending on your route. Happy Easter to all of our readers from all over the world! FROHE OSTERN!! London will soon have us back.

My hometown covered by snow

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