>> Why #PizzaRat Is Old News + Why NYC Pizza Is Absolutely Worth The Effort!

This morning the hashtag #PizzaRat took over Twitter! What was this about? Just a video posted on YouTube, that shows a NYC subway rat pulling a slice of Pizza down the stairs with all its might! On a side note we want to say - yes NYC subway rats are real and it is not a joyful encounter to meet one of them at night when you and the rat are the only 2 beings on the platform. :)

So why is this old news? Because rats love good food and we know that not just since Disney's Ratatouille came out years ago. Remy the lead rat does not only like an amazing meal, he also knows how to create it! #Talented. Based on our experience, yes NYC pizza IS the best pizza we ever had! If you are in New York, try Artichoke Pizza at 328 E 14th St. Soo good! We recommend it! :) #RatFREE

photos © Disney Ratatouille & Robert Alexandre

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