>> Fashion & Style Sunday: We Declare Marigold THE Trend Color Of Autumn 2015!

It is Sunday and because we are a blog, we would like to talk about something 98% of all other blogs are talking about FASHION! First of all this is not a fashion blog so please big fashion companies - stop throwing money and expensive clothes at me! I have no more space to store them.. The reality is, nobody actually does that because I am not a Fashion Blogger. I do not follow dictated trends and I do not see the point of posting 20 photos of myself from 10 different angles in one article because I am not that self-absorbed. I do however, have a lot of respect for Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers who have built up their site from zero followers to big audiences completely on their own, managing it, maintaining it and coming up with interesting content and product reviews we can all learn from. :) Some people just have a great sense of style and share it. So, good job!

What I am not a fan of, are brag blogs like 'look where I am now, look I just shopped at Chanel and you didn't.' Rubbing it in other peoples faces in an obnoxious kind of way. This attention craving behavior does not score with me as a blog reader and I think you know EXACTLY which blog I am describing here. This is pretentious crap with zero authenticity, because who knows who is paying for your 15348 trips around the world and luxurious items. It may be your parents or the sponsors you do not disclose (oh well.. probably your parents). Anything but actual WORK got you there and there is a difference between sharing and the 15th pic of you, this time from the left. Now if you want to criticize me for criticizing brag blogs please go ahead. I like to post a picture of an outfit on me here and there because I think I should do it while I'm still young. I just do not want to go overboard with it.

Back to the topic: Fashion! We like it - can't get around it and think it is an exciting and fun part of life, even if not the most important part of life. This is something many publications seem to forget. Instead of giving us any value for every day real life, they want to aggressively pressure us into buying this new bag and that new jacket because if we don't - we are OUT. Fine. The way I see it, is that I do not feel the need to keep up with dictated fashion. Really. I mostly do not get my pointers from a magazine or blogs but from real life experiences, I just know what I like and who I am as a person. If I see somebody on the street with a certain color (top or nail polish) I might discover I am really into that color so I will look for a pullover in that color at the next H&M. 

Recently, I saw a photo of an actress in a nice Marigold dress.. it looked so great, that I thought about the fact that I do not have ANYTHING in that color. So this is why I am now on the hunt for a nice cable knitted, cozy, oversized jumper in that color, which I will probably wear forever once I find it. I personally also do not feel the pressure to buy clothes just because they are from a certain brand. At all. Most of my clothes are no name and I bought them because I liked them and they did fit and suit me well. When I get to have a favorite piece of clothing I can wear it for years! Seriously YEARS! I once had a jeans that I wore all the time until it literally fell apart. :) I do however care about quality and I am willing to spend more on a quality product. So these are my thoughts on the big and ever so requested topic of FASHION! Have a wonderful Sunday everybody and thank you for following IBreakTheNews.com - your favorite News blog! :D

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