>> Happy Birthday IBreakTheNews.com - You Are 3 Now! More News & Adventures Ahead..

Time for a shout-out and to get a little more personal. 3 years ago, I started this lovely little blog! :) Back then still in dark colors it has now truly transformed into a light and very up to date pin board for news, ideas, opinion and adventures. You can also get an insight to our every day London life (via our Instagram feed). When I started this site, I had no clear idea where exactly it was going - I just had a vision. Now 3 years later..

I am happy, that there is a clear concept now and I think I can add the skill 'brand building' to my CV.. Let's face it: IBreakTheNews is a brand. We hope you enjoy what we are doing and want to thank you for checking us out and following us - if you do. Feel free to comment too, don't be so shy. Friendly greetings from your Editor-in-Chief. PS. If you want to give us feedback, just send us a tweet or leave a comment on our Instagram. Danke!

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