>> Music News: The Long Wait Is Finally Over - Adele's '25' Is Here!

Should we or should we not say that we saw this huge success coming ever since listening to 'Chasing Pavements'?! Hmm.. Finally Adele's new album '25' is here! If you want to feel, and we mean really feel deep emotions - the 11 songs on this LP are the perfect soundtrack for you. Right on time for the release, the songstress took part in a prank for a BBC Special. At an audition for the best Adele impersonator, she mingled with the contestants as Jenny (The Nanny). 

With the help of a fake nose and a fake chin, as well as a toned down voice, nobody suspected what might happen next. When it was 'Jenny's' turn to sing her song, Adele's talent burst out and took center stage! Slowly but surely, the other contestants realized - this talent - this singer is the real deal and 'Jenny' was history. Well, there is only 1 Adele. Check out the funny and emotional video below. Well done! Find '25' in store now.

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