>> The Quest For The Absolute By Benoit Lapray: Thoughtful Superheroes Reflecting On Life!

This is a genius idea. Take the superhero out of the dangerous situations, the crowded battlefields and away from the evil super villain just to put him somewhere nice, a place in nature where it is peaceful, calm and quiet. This way our hero can reflect on his own life, far away from the trouble, he can think about his future, childhood, his upcoming lunch and maybe also all of his accomplishments so far. French photographer Benoit Lapray named his project The Quest for the Absolute

This in itself could be the title for a new super hero action adventure - of course in 3D! Here is a part of the description behind the idea: '[Benoit] captures and freezes the moment during which the famous vigilantes are not in the action and presents them here as lonely beings who wander in nearly deserted landscapes.' There will be a Vernissage of his work in December in ParisFor more information and the option to order a limited edition print of a superhero in the wild, visit the artist's shop here.

all photos © Benoit Lapray

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