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cordless hair straightener

Hello my dear readers! Thank you for frequently checking my Blog even though I have been on a little break, due to my move to Canada. Now I am back with a hopefully helpful article for you - The IBreakTheNews Gift Guide! 🎁 It is that time of the year again when you are clueless what to get for that special person in your life. Don't worry, we are here to bring you a little last minute inspiration. You're welcome!

1. Cordless Hair Straightener:

I can not believe how far ahead I am in the hair straightening game and I yet have to meet one other person who upgraded themselves to the use of a wireless/cordless hair straightener! It was in mid-2016 when it came to my mind how useful such an invention would be. When I googled it I found out that it already exists and that it was available on eBay Germany so bought it right away. Everybody who ever straightened their hair with a regular straightener knows, how annoying and limiting this cord is. You can not move, you burn your ear, whatever.. all of this is over now with this truly magical invention! Put the device on the charging station for 5-10 minutes and you are ready to go. Walk around, sit down, do whatever you like while working on your hair because this thing will give you the freedom to do so. Price point: Should definitely be below 100$. In fact, mine was below 50 Euros. It is literally magic.. PS. It comes with a cordless curling iron too (not pictured). So far never used that one, but might be good for festivities.

Christmas decoration at Toronto Eaton Centre (not for sale)

2. MAC Dazzleglass - a favourite since many years - quality (often sold out) sparkly lipgloss.

I have first discovered this product during my time in NYC in 2008. It became an instant favorite of mine because of its consistency and quality. When I wanted to buy it in Toronto this year, I have had to check 4 stores to eventually get it. When I stumbled upon it unexpectedly, they had only 2 sealed ones left in the whole store, 1 of them in the color I wanted -  so logically I bought it. If you do not have a fixed address online shopping can be challenging. On the picture you can barely see it but in real life it is super nice, comfortable to wear and sparkly. Price point: Around 25$. Try the store but chances are better online. Make sure you get the original one from MAC directly, not some dodgy online shop copy. 

MAC Dazzleglass - super hard to get in store (try online)

3. La La Land Soundtrack Vinyl - signed if you are fortunate enough

So this one is just a very obvious choice in my case since I am the biggest La La Land fan there is and there will ever be. You can surely find this item online, but here is the thing: A signed record would be even better. I have read about several events during which Justin Hurwitz (the composer of the soundtrack) took the time to greet fans and sign this record - but only if you live in LA. Buzzkill. My suggestion: Why can he not go on some sort of tour so we all could have the chance to get his signature on this. I can only imagine the music sounds even better on vinyl. Price point: 30$. PS. I still do not have it but I also don't have a record player at hand so I will have to postpone. Conclusion: If your partner is the romantic type and already a fan of the movie, this is the gift to get! And you will need that vinyl record player.

4. A handwritten Christmas card with meaningful words - nothing can really top that. 
PS. quote a thoughtful poem that reflects your emotions if you are not good with words or have a hard time expressing your feelings verbally. Price point: priceless.

Disclaimer: This article is not clouded by my own opinion. Wait actually it very much is! :D I hope this was helpful to you. 
Merry Christmas!🎄

La La Land Soundtrack Vinyl 

- ideally signed by the composer but only if you live in LA.

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