>> Music News: Can You Handle The Greatness?! Jessie Reyez Is A True Toronto Talent!

Hello there dear Blog readers! Back again with some music news and inspiration: We have just recently discovered the huge talent that is Jessie Reyez, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. 😃 Apologies for being late but we had our own life situation to sort out too - in a new country. Again. So back to the topic.. when the radio was on during a recent UBER trip they played 'Figures' and I was like: 'Who is this?!' So I googled it and found the amazing Jessie Reyez. A singer-songwriter with stories to tell - straight to the point. Listen to her emotional Break-Up anthem 'Figures' below:

It got even more interesting when we looked up some of her other projects. One of them is a 12 minute short film with the name 'Gatekeeper'. In it, Jessie recalls her experience with misogyny and pure sexism in the music industry and the general concept of 'if you want to go somewhere in life or the music industry, you better give up everything including your self respect and any opinions you may have had to the people in power'. Having been through this myself I decided, that it was not the way for me to go - even if music and self expression are your everything.

Now that the #MeToo movement made waves, we are glad that someone with a powerful voice and a promising career is shining a light on this injustice and all the people who supported this BS over the years. We are glad that she made her way through, so we now all get to listen to her incredible music! We will definitely keep track of this amazing Newcomer.😊

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