>> CharityNavigator.org - Find Out Where Your Donations Really End Up!

Hello dear readers! Nice to see you back on IBreakTheNews.com🙂 If you want to make the world a better place, it can seem like an overwhelming task! 🤔 One way to go about it, is to make a donation to a charity (online or in person) that is supporting a matter close to your heart or a cause you believe in. But with so many charities worldwide, which is the most trustworthy one? Where do your dollars, euros, pounds etc. make the biggest impact? You do not want to donate your hard earned cash just so the charity founder can buy a new car and the people in crisis regions still have nothing to eat.. You want to help and make an actual difference!

You want to support a charity that is in fact building hospitals and feeding people in war zones, uncovering injustices or saving animals where laws do not protect them. This is why CharityNavigator.org might be a useful tool to you! There, you can find a list of all registered charities including a rating of their work and more detailed information about their cause. Here are the most transparent and impactful charitiesThere is also the option to search for a nonprofit organization you want to find out more about, or maybe have already made a donation to in the past. Another thing to point out, is the section with info on how to avoid charity scams. Very informative site that can help you on your quest to make this world a better place. 🌎

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