>> Travel News: Viva España! Come With Me On A City Trip To Madrid!

Hello again, dear readers! Long time no see. I want to know what you have been up to! Do you want to know what I have been up to? Lately I have been traveling around quite a bit and now I want to share some of my impressions of the capital of Spain with you. ⛱ With its about 3.3 million inhabitants, Madrid is the third biggest city in the EU after London and Berlin. With countless parks and many museums filled with European art, there is a lot to see! 

This is a nice palm tree which gave me vacation feels! 😎

Madrid is a vibrant city with the majority of people being as nocturnal as I am. 😊 Really, they are very night active. After siesta, the calm afternoon hours, they are eating a late dinner around 8 pm and staying up pretty much all night in one of the bars or restaurants of the city. While you are there, you could try tapas or paella, some of the national dishes of Spain. Or a bocadillo de calamares, see below:

One of the fountains at Retiro Park. The park is like a maze and you can expect to spend several hours there if you love nature.

If you look it up online, you will find out that many of the museums and sights have free entry evening hours available. This way you can see the Royal Palace or the Reina Sofia museum, even if you are on a budget. Personally, I was super impressed by the Prado museum. When I was standing in a room full of original Rubens and Rembrandt paintings it was really something else! (Floor 3)

The Prado museum is most impressive. 

If you are there, try the churros with chocolate.  

What I like most about Madrid, is that it is a tremendously walkable city. You can start in the morning and walk around all day to get basically anywhere by foot. In Toronto or London this sort of thing was impossible. Just to give you a little context regarding my previous experiences. :) Like every capital, Madrid is a tourist magnet. But if you avoid the super crowded places and adjust a bit to the relaxed Spanish way of life, you will have a great time there as well! 🍹🍤🍧🍲🍩🍎🌷🇪🇸

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