>> I went to Berlin to see what's up - Highlights: I ate a Döner & met a Transformer!!

Hello my dear readers! Many things have happened recently and everything went pretty fast so I am going to update you a little. Last month I went to Berlin to see what's up and also, to visit my former workplace NBC Universal. Or I should probably say, the place where they used to be located, right next to the Brandenburg Gate, one of the major tourist attractions. The Starbucks on the corner is still there! 

As an attentive reader, you probably know by now, that I used to live and work in many different countries. USA, England and Canada. So much so, that people sometimes tend to question my nationality. Just to clear that up - I am German. When you go back a few generations there is bit of Czech Republic in our family tree too. But often times I wish I would be more exotic! :D

Another thing I have always been wishing for, was to have family members around the world. So I could visit and freely decide, where I want to live and work but for me it is just not the case at all. Everybody and I MEAN EVERYBODY I am related to is in Germany. When it comes to job opportunities, I have always been and still am until this day more appreciated in other countries than my own.

Also besides being the Chief Creative Officer of this lovely little Blog right here, I became Office Manager at several tech companies internationally. In Germany not too many people are familiar with the term 'Office Manager'. Many companies/HR professionals in Deutschland, have never even heard of this job title. To me it is also important, that a new role is somewhat connected to my interests and previous roles.

So I went to Berlin, ate a Döner and saw a Transformer. If you want to check it out, find it at The Gallery of Steel FiguresIt is the first place in the world where steel sculptures are made of elements from the recycling of scrap metal. Overall I can not say the city has changed much since I was living there in 2006. And now, I am already out of Germany again. PS> I recommend the Berlin Döner!!

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