>> Happy Valentine's Day! Deeply In Love Or Single By Choice - You Are Lovable! 💕

Hello everybody! Welcome back to your favourite Blog. It is Valentine's Day once again and our mission today is to remind you, however the situation might be: You are lovable! 💖 There is something about you that only you have. There is no one else in the world exactly like you. And if you are still feeling down, I'd hate to bring the sperm story.. but I have to. When you were made, 5 million other sperms competed with you in a race. And you won! This is why you are here today! I mean what are the chances?! There is a reason for that. Definitely! Oh and congratulations for being the chosen one. 😊

If you are part of a couple, I don't think you necessarily have to do something super special just because it is Valentine's Day. You could show that you care with little signs at any other time or on any other day too for that matter, not just because some shopping centre poster is telling you to buy something for your partner RIGHT NOW. On the other hand, I have never heard anybody complain about a loving gesture like flowers or maybe ice cream you can pick up on the way home. It is really not that difficult. Watching a movie together and stuff like that.. 

If you currently don't have a partner you are probably something I like to call: Single By Choice. Being Single By Choice, means that you are carefully screening candidates but you are not in a rush, to get into something with just anybody, just to also have somebody. You do not define yourself over a partner. You are very precise in what you want and it is important for you to make sure, a connection has potential and is enriching your life. Nobody is looking for a partner to make life harder.. Having this person in your life makes it much better and more fun. So until Amor strikes you with a baseball bat, you are Single By Choice.
I also want to touch on the topic of authenticity. It is important to be yourself around a potential partner (even if it is difficult because he is so intelligent and so cute and you are nervous about what he might think about you) and to also stay true to yourself when it comes to ideas you have and things you want to say. If we do not show up as the person we truly are, how could anybody warm up to us, find a connection or even fall in love? As technology is destroying human interaction, we must come back to the basics. You can't make out with your phone after all. I mean you can try. But hugging, kissing and cuddling with somebody you really, really like is muuuuch better! Happy Valentine's Day y'all!! 😘

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