>> Insider News: Germany Lockdown - What Is It Like In This Country? PLUS Easter BBQ During Quarantine With Great Music!

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Hello everyone, I thought I give you a little glimpse into what the lockdown situation is currently like in Germany. So ever since March, most stores and all schools are closed. You can still go to the supermarket, where they disinfect the shopping basket once you return it. Keeping your distance to other shoppers is required, wearing a mask during the shopping run is recommended but not ordered by law as of yet. Necessary places like hospitals and elderly homes continue to operate, with additional safety measures. Just like everywhere, protective gear is in high demand and sold out in stores mostly. But you can still get it on online - sent from China or from within Germany where self sewn re-usable cotton mask stores pop up online left and right with any prints/colors you can imagine.

Greetings from my (backyard) home office to yours. 
Daily quarantine routine does not really include make-up. 💁🏻

There was an article on LinkedIn recently, titled: Is this the end of the influencer? And I just thought: I sure hope so. :D If you think about it, only if you pretend your life, your skin, YOUR MAKE-UP and your relationship is perfect, will you get the admiration of thousands of instagram followers and $brand deals$. This platform and the way it is being used now brainwashed people. It is a dangerous concept because if you are a real person with real problems you can't score. Also, I think a personal life is a precious thing to have.💎 

There is a very well known business strategist who held countless keynote speeches. He has a very young easy to impress audience and he (still) says you should be on social media 24/7. How irresponsible?! He has 2 children. Guess how many hours a day they are on social media.. ZERO is my guess.(PS. I used it when it was NOT what it is now) As a woman you barely want to go outside when you are not photoshopped into perfection.. That is what I think, now imagine being a teenager in these times. 🤔

A quote to remember: Perfect is not real and real is not perfect. Meanwhile we are facing environmental issues and barely anybody is talking about what is really going on and what does not work in reality at all. It is the ideal cover up. Pretend everything is fine, get paid by big brands to keep up the facade and nobody has to take action - because everything is great, right? False. Because the current problem is so immense that it broke through the surface and damn right it finally burst the instagram bubble, if you are paying attention. So this brings me to the main topic of this post: How do I spend my time in quarantine?

During quarantine I like to play with my dog Scotty all day 
because I think it is a productive way of spending my time.🐶😊

I had a family Easter BBQ with my parents. Did you know, that if you request a song from ALEXA and it does not have it, it will play a playlist of songs similar to the one you originally wanted? It can also just play any radio station.. I am not sure about all its functions since it is not mine. It belongs to my parents, it was a gift from my nephew.🎶

So to add a bit more excitement to the BBQ I requested a song. Since I like RnB and Hip Hop, it was that type of song.. but Alexa did not have it so the recommended playlist started.. and we literally went from a radio station that was playing 'imagine all the people..' to this song:

That was also the moment, when I was glad my parents don't speak English.  
This playlist went on for a while and I have to say Alexa came up with some good Hip Hop/RnB songs from the past, when things were different. 

So what else am I doing during my time in isolation: I do some graphic design for my online projects and watch many, many youtube videos. Question: How many videos on ecommerce can 1 person watch? How many webinars about ecommerce can 1 person take part in? The answer is: Never too many. God bless the day, when I finally figure it out. But I think I am half-way there. So much great content about it. The best thing is the location independence. When I watch travel videos, I realize what international food I miss: Chipotle for example. We don't have that here at all. I love tacos or a burrito with guac!! 😊🌮🌮

Also, I think it is worth a mention that this little Blog right here - has won an award! My first award ever. Under other circumstances I could be really happy about it. I got an e-mail that said I have won the Excellence in Business Award in the category Best UK News & Entertainment Blog! To which I can only say: Wow, thank you. I am glad someone likes what I am doing. So this is now an award-winning Blog. Which makes me an award winning writer. OMG.😱

Watching a press conference that does not contain true facts.

In all seriousness, these are uncertain times for everyone. I am also worried and I am thinking a lot about what is next.. I was in London when all of this started. But there are only 2 ways of handling it and I chose hope over fear. Even with articles like this, I want to send out some positive energy to all those who need it right now. 
We are in this together - we go through it together. I am also watching a lot of motivational content on YouTube and I want to conclude this award winning article with a message from one of my 3 favorite coaches: Lisa Nichols. Listen to this and feel better. Thank you for stopping by.

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