>> Lionsgate - A Night At The Movies. Stream La La Land For Free At Home On May 1st ONLY!

Hey everybody! Things are getting romantic! 👫There will be a FREE streaming of 'La La Land' tonight powered by Lionsgate!! Click on the photo above to watch it live on YouTube - the countdown is on!🙂 Use this opportunity to see this amazing film if you haven't seen it yet or just watch it again if you already know how good it is. It is not just singing and dancing.. There is a meaningful story about creativity, love and self-actualization at the core of it, once you made it through the first dance scene. PS. I challenge you to not get emotional during Mia's final audition - impossible..😭⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐💕 BEST.MOVIE.EVER.🎬💕

© Lionsgate

Artwork by Dylan Bonner 


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