>> Train Your Brain in 2021: I Have Joined Mindvalley And It Was A Great Decision!

Vishen Lakhiani - Founder of Mindvalley

Hello all! Here is some strong motivation on how to use your time most effectively in lockdown - you're welcome! :D What to do when you can not travel, you work from home, have lots of time to fill and want to do it in a productive way? Work on your brain! And if you ought to do it, why not do it with the help of the best of the best worldwide? I have known Mindvalley since several years now and I have seen a lot of their content on YouTube previously. Recently, they created a new way to join. Mindvalley All Access - allows you not only to take part in all quests, you also have mentoring sessions and occasional life calls/events included. 

Lisa Nichols - Genius Motivational Speaker

So far I have already learned a lot of additional things about myself from the pros! For example that I fall into the category of 'Deep Thinker' - who would have known. Yeah I kind of knew that. 😊 That I love to work with my brain was confirmed, by the fact that on my day 1 I joined 10+ quests (this is the name they have for their programs/courses) It is an interactive learning experience with new classes and material every day, so you can step by step learn and grow. You are part of a group and there is a forum where you can discuss what is happening on the current day or your homework.

Marisa Peer - Britain's #1 Hypnotherapist

Robin Sharma - Leadership Expert

Jim Kwik - Accelerated Learning Coach

So far, I can truly say, that I am excited to be part of Mindvalley! It is really an eye-opening experience in some areas. While we go through life, our experiences shape us and have a defining impact on us. How we see the world often has to do with past incidences, our family, the place we grew up, the people we have met. We get stuck or stubborn in certain areas, don't want to allow new input, because we have made up our mind and don't want to give up our point of view. See - and THAT is WRONG. (Free knowledge I share with you) Some of this material, is giving you a different perspective, so you are able to re-consider certain view points.

The quality of the quests is very high and you can tell, that this is life changing material. So, what better thing to do in times like this? Feel free to join Mindvalley as well, if you want to go to the next level once this pandemic is over for good. Thank you for stopping by here to day! 🙂


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