>> A Life Update: If Offices Remain Closed - I'm Going To Start An Alpaca Farm = A Future Proof Business!


Hello everybody and thank you for stopping by here today. 

Yes it was and still is a challenging time for all of us, as we have to adapt to changes all around (the world). 

As you might know, for more than 10 years now, I have been living and working abroad. Office Manager is my profession.

I like giving structure to a business, working with people and seeing them on a daily basis.

Returning to the office would be nice, but the pandemic has put a full stop to this. With advanced technology, like many others, I was able to do some home office work online. 

I have completed a few online programs and read a lot of articles about the 'return to the office' or companies which will let their employees work from home indefinitely.

Personally, I think the time spent together in an office to work as a team or strategize about the future of a company, can not be replaced by a few zoom meetings in the long run. 

We as humans are social creatures. Isolation does not bring out the best performances because often times motivation is lacking and many of us thrive, working together IRL to achieve a mutual goal and catch up.

But I also had a lot of time, to think about a career change. 

You know that feeling when you think you want to branch out into another direction entirely?

So I thought, an Alpaca Farm is a viable business idea in the meantime. Have Alpacas, offer tours and getaways. Sounds like a future and crisis proof business idea to me!

And if you open your own Alpaca Farm before I can open mine, I will never talk to you again. But maybe we can schedule some Alpaca playdates to get even more Alpacas. :) 

Stay tuned for more ideas born out of uncertainty. Less technology - more Alpacas. I hope you are doing well, where you are.💚 Here a few Alpaca photos to make your day better:


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