>> 2022 Update: Back In The UK 🇬🇧 And Finally Surrounded By People Again! 🙌 #Thankful

Scotty Reimann - cutest dog in the world.

Hello everybody! 

Nice to see you here! How are you? I hope better than before. 

I have a little update for the frequent readers of my blog. I am now back in the UK full time and as I adjust to big city life again, I want to take a moment to acknowledge not only my family in Germany, I went through a big part of the lockdown with I also have to mention this little ball of joy, energy and happiness - my dog Scotty! AKA the cutest dog in the world. We got him from a shelter several years ago. Now, he has his own garden to run around and play in! What a success story. 😊 I don't know how people got through the lockdown without pets, I think they make such a positive difference in day to day life.

IBreakTheNews.com is turning 10 this year!

My professional look is different than my lockdown look.

And as for Scotty - he is just so friendly and energetic and HUNGRY. Almost all of the time. As you can see, he once again got his summer fur-cut now. A daily dog walking schedule can also give your days some structure and keep you going when you are working from home. Because of my previous 4 years in London I am quite familiar with this city. Still, because of the sheer size of this place there are some areas I have still never seen or heard of.. The point is, I am out of hibernation again with things to do and goals to pursue. I have always appreciated working abroad and the great opportunities that came my way. Now, after 2 years of travel restrictions and a worldwide crisis, I could not be more excited to see people again on a daily basis. About time. Thank you for stopping by. 


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