>> Soon - Halloween Is Coming Up: Check Out These Outrageous Pet Costumes!

Get ready, Halloween is just around the corner! One thing for sure, US pet store PETCO is well prepared! They have just launched a special BOOTIQUE on their website, to make it easy for you to find the most amusing costume for your pet. You can also find this special range in their actual shops. We love animals and we are not sure if they generally enjoy a dress up but we must say, the creativity behind these costumes is definitely I Break The News worthy!

Based on a TESCO survey, 50% of PETCO customers plan on taking part in Halloween with their pet this year. These pet parents are looking to buy a costume or special Halloween toy for their beloved, furry friend. If you happen to live in the United States, you can bring your pet all dressed up and ready for some special treats, to a PETCO store on the 25th of October at 2pm. There will be prizes! Please only do it if your pet is willing too. :)

all photos © PETCO.com

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