>> Wow! This Is The Future Of Cinema: Check Out These Animated Movie Posters!

You are a movie fan? Good. Welcome to the future - where else would you find it but here at IBreakTheNews.com? :) What if we are already so high-tech, that future movie posters will no longer be plain 1 dimensional over-sized graphics or images with a big title and a few photoshop effects slapped on it? What if the movie poster of the future is animated? Yes - it actually moves and does stuff! Wouldn't that be the coolest thing? In fact, we can already show you what that would look like:

Here are a few amazing examples of animated film posters by (most likely German) Imgur user: Rindfleischetikettierungs-uberwachungsaufgabenubertragungsgesetz who apparently put in all the work in creating those, then just disappeared. We would like to declare our excitement about what you have created here. Well done! Imagine big ad screens instead of or in addition to the movie posters we know. We would certainly like to see more of those.. Also, check out our review for The Hobbit - Battle Of The Five Armies here.

all gifs © Imgur 

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